ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 11: ”Scholarship” 

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It’s all nerves and expectation as the volunteers wait to hear who won the grant this year.
When a group of very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients.
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24. 03. 2021





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Komentáře 99   
Deirah Laney
Deirah Laney Před 15 hodinami
iwwwwwwwwww is this trying to show that the Brown skin girls dont deserve love. so pathetic
vourphoria Před 16 hodinami
Xavier P
Xavier P Před 18 hodinami
This show sucks!
ILOVETHEOFFICE ! Před 21 hodinou
Darling Peña y lillo
When can you put a subtitle in Spanish please
Sophia Vega
Sophia Vega Před dnem
Bro he kissed Sasha on her nose🤣
Richard Miller
Richard Miller Před 2 dny
Why was the kiss wrong ?
Remy Bucksaplenty
Remy Bucksaplenty Před 2 dny
Remy got something to say. I would like to cordially say how much wide nurse was missed this season. Without her, this season has been an utter mess. And I know why, because wide nurse's thick, voluptuous thighs were not there to hold the group together... I think she shouldve won the scholarship...
Daniela kamey
Daniela kamey Před 2 dny
Can we just say that Sasha and Holden are the ones who loved each other at the end of the video
Vrishti Damonsing
Vrishti Damonsing Před 3 dny
hmm can i know if there is episode 12 for season 2 as i am not seeing it and other episodes that follows to .
Bee Před 4 dny
sasha is pretty thoughhh
Gemma Před 5 dny
I always laugh at 8:02 🤣
Sarah Augustin
Sarah Augustin Před 6 dny
Benny is the best actor...
Lexi_Vlogz Před 7 dny
I have seen all of the attaway episodes in 2 days♥️
Zoey Adds
Zoey Adds Před 8 dny
“Oh you look mad I’m out” Jamie is in troubleee
Ashlynn Grace
Ashlynn Grace Před 8 dny
We need to talk Two seconds later She is the only one talking then storms away
Ashlynn Grace
Ashlynn Grace Před 8 dny
Honestly it is annoying and rude how they are disrespecting Christianity They are stereotyping Christain’s because of one little stereotype and it feels rude that their saying Christain’s don’t support lgbtq+ because I do completely They’re also saying it’s only Christain’s who don’t support it but that isn’t true I’ve never met a non supporting Christain and if I have met anybody unsupportive rting it is a different religion Not that that matters but yeah
̇ ̇
̇ ̇ Před 4 dny
If you're supporting them you're not fully Christian, you're only following specific parts you agree with then. If you're not against them and aren't stoning people to death, you're not a christian. Just facts sorry
Anna Kathryn Wallace
Honestly I’m glad the internship went to meave, like she was a little rude at some points but she deserved the internship Also the “oh you look mad, I’m out” had my dying 🤣 🤣 🤣
dinah stephen
dinah stephen Před 9 dny
So you mean to tell. me Holden broke up with Bella 2 times 😐.
kimberly garcia
kimberly garcia Před 11 dny
we need s3!
bob Před 11 dny
omg holden step on me daddaaaaa
John Scott
John Scott Před 12 dny
Also I hyped for quackity joining in season three.
John Scott
John Scott Před 12 dny
0:27 cowboybepbop anyone?
IceQueen playz
IceQueen playz Před 13 dny
I am the only 1 who looks a milion times to the and secne i am obssesd whit this 2 there finnaly back!
Peepo Laugh
Peepo Laugh Před 13 dny
Venus Arreola
Venus Arreola Před 13 dny
What song is that?
Oneillia Dawkins
Oneillia Dawkins Před 13 dny
Oh my gosh I can't believe that Holden and Sasha are back together it is so great I was so excited like when they wasn't talking to each other it was getting kind of boring with but it was still fun
Janet Testerman
Janet Testerman Před 13 dny
Eva Peters
Eva Peters Před 14 dny
terry 7
terry 7 Před 14 dny
What was the last song titled in this episode?
Majo Urra
Majo Urra Před 14 dny
I already looked at the seasons before and they are very good, I love them. only now do I need to know what's wrong with Nina's mother. Can you do a third season?
gazala khan
gazala khan Před 14 dny
Why does that Jamie guy looks like he is on drugs! Like literally his eyes are almost close.
Fatima Tujzhora
Fatima Tujzhora Před 14 dny
Is this the last episode??
Rando M
Rando M Před 14 dny
What song is in the 9:52 timestamp???
kaylah luggar
kaylah luggar Před 15 dny
Glossyvx x
Glossyvx x Před 15 dny
what is this 😭
Life With Cii
Life With Cii Před 15 dny
So its over or we gotta wait till season 3 ?🥺
Salma Tabana
Salma Tabana Před 16 dny
I’m sorry but eve makes my blood boillllll
Charlee Masters
Charlee Masters Před 16 dny
Me waiting for the next episode like 👁👄👁 literally like whennnn bruhhh
Anastasia E.
Anastasia E. Před 16 dny
I like it
Bam Taulepa
Bam Taulepa Před 16 dny
him on the mic saying nina nina nina nina please come to the ceramony nina nina nina
Oluchi Arisa
Oluchi Arisa Před 16 dny
" with everything she's gone through she can believe anything" wow that's brat imposing their opinions on us and it's not fair. If you want us to accept your opinions them accept ours even if you don't agree with them at the end of the day it's our faith and not yours. By the way brat just used this series to ridicule everyone who believes in a higher being especially Christains but it's all good, everything will make sense when Jesus comes the second time. Love and light y'all
Oluchi Arisa
Oluchi Arisa Před 16 dny
Truth is that I stopped watching attaway general because I was disappointed at how they depicted christainity. You know it's kinda ironic that in 2021 everyone says you can do whatever you want because it's your life then criticize you for following a faith that works for you. Benny said she shouldn't put her opinions on everyone but truth is he was also imposing his opinion of not putting an opinion on others on her too. When a Christain says something he/she is judgemental but when someone else says it it's all good, a double standard if you ask me.
Caylee erin
Caylee erin Před 16 dny
I swear to feel bad about the Nina and Jamie thing but I'm so happy Sasha and holsten are friends or a little bit more and happy Rosie and benny really actually care about each other and have to know each other
Atrolita.e Před 16 dny
The only good thing here is ROSIE and BENNY'S friendshippp!
Atrolita.e Před 16 dny
I still want someone for ROSIE.💜
Madeline Martin
Madeline Martin Před 16 dny
when holden and sasha kiss they did the theatre thing where you put your thumb in between your lips so that youre not actually kissing. no one mentioned that lol
Sean Villani
Sean Villani Před 16 dny
Amber Lincoln
Amber Lincoln Před 17 dny
I'm guessing it's the character, but Kio seems sooo high lmfao
brelluh Před 18 dny
The only homosexual was a stereotype, The only black female LOVE INTEREST (for once) just disappeared The only Religious person on here is being made to sound homophobic The acting sucks ...this show is literally falling apart.
The Afewerki Family
The Afewerki Family Před 18 dny
I do think Sasha id golden are cute together but I ship holden and his doctor form season one more I miss all the season one characters.
34. Sambhavana Singh
Moonlight Draws
Moonlight Draws Před 18 dny
Madisann Coffey
Madisann Coffey Před 19 dny
We’re there fingers covering there lips when they kissed?
Lord Lansctrum
Lord Lansctrum Před 19 dny
Nickelodeon should win an Oscar compared to this
VTYT Před 19 dny
Why isn't Alex Quackity in the show he should be in it, that would be amazing
strvq Před 19 dny
like i want to see what happened like at the end sash and holden just kiss and i’m like that’s it i need to know more like i’m dying of Curiosity
Queen Idk
Queen Idk Před 19 dny
9:56 Play back speed 0.25 they didn’t actually kiss! 😂
Aischa 101
Aischa 101 Před 19 dny
I can't believe people are actually obsessed with this show 😭
Alma Rocio Gonzalez
Alma Rocio Gonzalez Před 20 dny
Alma Rocio Gonzalez
Alma Rocio Gonzalez Před 20 dny
Blues Monkey
Blues Monkey Před 20 dny
Is this the finale
abigail brome
abigail brome Před 20 dny
evaa go off kween
Totino Bestinos
Totino Bestinos Před 20 dny
Can we start a Stan Benny chain PLS😌💅
Maggie Rittinger
Maggie Rittinger Před 20 dny
Nina:Seriously what is wrong with you Jamie:flips his hair
Ahlaam Kamedien
Ahlaam Kamedien Před 20 dny
Is this the last episode for the season?? 🥺
Milan Weatherspoon
Milan Weatherspoon Před 20 dny
This show is soooooo cringe but I keep coming back for the next episode
Lorena Perez
Lorena Perez Před 21 dnem
benny supremacy
ETHEL'S PLUG Před 21 dnem
I'm now back from school 😭😭😭😭 Leaving again
Lyn Před 21 dnem
am I the only one who thinks Jamie looks high all the time. like is he hiding pots around the hospital?
Joshua Camara
Joshua Camara Před 21 dnem
This is the worst show ever
Skye Rockelle
Skye Rockelle Před 21 dnem
SEASON 3!!!!!! Who ever thinks that brat tv should make a season 3 of "Attaway General" can like and comment😊
Aanya P
Aanya P Před 21 dnem
Jamie and Nina r 4 real soul mates doe
Tayma Aris
Tayma Aris Před 21 dnem
What’s the name of the last song??
Karoline Pors Poulsen
Karoline Pors Poulsen Před 21 dnem
Can Dixie come back in season 3 plz
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez Před 22 dny
Please make a season 3 WITH the SAME character plzzzzzz
anythinguse use
anythinguse use Před 22 dny
me watching this in 1.75x speed
Celebrity Updates
Celebrity Updates Před 22 dny
HPLF Studios
HPLF Studios Před 22 dny
7:58 Eva: We need to talk. *Stares intensely* Jamie: *Looks up* Helper: We're right in the middle of- oh you look mad. I'm out! *Peace* :D
elf puffs
elf puffs Před 22 dny
I need a season 3
Mimmie Payne
Mimmie Payne Před 23 dny
Jesus loves you
The Holy Toaster
The Holy Toaster Před 23 dny
God this is so hilariously garbage but it still brings me such utter joy, Thank you for this Even if it’s hot garbage I love it
Saromi Ayomide
Saromi Ayomide Před 23 dny
Ok is this the end. Hv a lot of things to say
Treyphena Mcleod
Treyphena Mcleod Před 23 dny
*we need to talk, ohhhh you look mad* that made me laugh.
We love God so much
We love God so much Před 23 dny
Is Attwawy General over or is it still going like to season 3 or 4 or 5
Anika Kamboj
Anika Kamboj Před 23 dny
The im going home was so cringey tbh
Jobimarkose Karamel
Jobimarkose Karamel Před 24 dny
Young Teen
Young Teen Před 24 dny
Kamaya Edwards
Kamaya Edwards Před 24 dny
Loris arazi
Loris arazi Před 24 dny
is there a season 3?
amira ali
amira ali Před 24 dny
4:06 it sounds like a song or some poetry lmaooo
Kahlia Lewis
Kahlia Lewis Před 24 dny
Yayyyyyyyyy I have been waiting for them to get back together
S K Před 24 dny
sasha’s speech seemed so scripted lmao
Cecilia (A.R.M.Y) Contreras
pls dont tell me thats kio
#PEARL FLOWER Před 24 dny
Benny was the one holding it together!🙅😛
Khadiza Bwgum
Khadiza Bwgum Před 24 dny
Brat tv has the best shows I love them
Roxane Boels
Roxane Boels Před 24 dny
at 9:55 holden was kissing sashas nose- 😭😭😭
noura Aldahmani
noura Aldahmani Před 24 dny
Why is this the last ep I am sad 😞😣😭😭🥺🥺
Anisa Zayas
Anisa Zayas Před 24 dny
Please Make More Seasons
Lil. Sisiii
Lil. Sisiii Před 24 dny
My fav show
DIRT | Season 1 | Marathon
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