ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 2: ”Playing God” 

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When a familiar face returns to Attaway General, Nina must confront her past. Benny has an uncomfortable encounter with a fellow volunteer.
When a group of very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients.
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20. 01. 2021





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Brat TV
Brat TV Před 3 měsíci
what are your thoughts on episode 2?
Nxddy Aesthetic
Nxddy Aesthetic Před 8 dny
i want kit backkkkkkkk please, the new girl is.....eh
millie low
millie low Před 11 dny
love it just wanting s3
Udoh Marvellous
Udoh Marvellous Před 11 dny
Where is kit
It’s Ava :P
It’s Ava :P Před 13 dny
Bring Georgia back 🥺
Motiv3 madeit
Motiv3 madeit Před 15 dny
The best
Bianca Santos
Bianca Santos Před 6 hodinami
O holdem (acho q é assim q escreve) é do golpe Tipoh eu sippava ele e a kit
Devina Jersey Aro
Devina Jersey Aro Před 9 hodinami
are we not gonna talk about how Holden and Jamie look alike
Louisa Charlotte
Louisa Charlotte Před 2 dny
sleepych1cky Před 2 dny
I feel so bad for kit y'all just "suspended" her literally everyone there from sesson had something to do with the prom and she was the only one who got suspended that's terrible lol and it was the first episode and he already kissed someone like-
ᴏɴᴇ ᴅɪʀᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ɪs ʟɪғᴇ
I miss griffin, dixie, and diego's cringy acting :(
Leonnie Plays games
Ngl madis acting is pretty good tbh
Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos Před 5 dny
Rosie is one of my favorites in the show. jason was a REALLY bad actor lol like he would do something or say something and just never change his emotion
Gege B
Gege B Před 7 dny
Who else thought that Jamie was Holden 😂😂
Maria julia Marim
Maria julia Marim Před 8 dny
ha giorgia (dixie) will appear ??
Maria julia Marim
Maria julia Marim Před 8 dny
Where's the giorgia (dixie)?
Maria julia Marim
Maria julia Marim Před 8 dny
A giorgia(dixie) vai aparecer nessa temporada?
Maria julia Marim
Maria julia Marim Před 8 dny
Cadê a giorgia??(dixie)
Alexsandra Pimentel
Udoh Marvellous
Udoh Marvellous Před 9 dny
I miss kit I want he to come back in season 3
Random Things
Random Things Před 10 dny
I was really hoping jack and rosy would get together it would be so cute
Mildred Bhunu
Mildred Bhunu Před 11 dny
omg my ships are over 😭😭😭😭
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Před 11 dny
ok I’m not feeling this Holden guy just jumping from one girl to another. I was really shipping him and Kit. I can’t believe I’m into this terrible show.
Having So much fun!
Having So much fun! Před 11 dny
Is it only me that realises that Benny was in the James Charles thing like-- he won
R J Před 11 dny
Jesus this acting it's god awful 😩
E Před 12 dny
Im so confused, how is Rosie homophobic? All I heard was her sharing how her cousin thought he was gay, then questioned his sexuality for a while, and then confirmed to not be gay. I've replayed that scene and read the other comments/replies, still confused
Jazzling Cruz
Jazzling Cruz Před 13 dny
I just wanna kno what was that kiss in the first episode like WHAAA🤦🏽‍♀️😭😂
Rachel Před 14 dny
Holden and Kit were so much cuter than Holden and Sasha.... This season is already worse than the last one and that's saying something
Godlykae roblox
Godlykae roblox Před 15 dny
hands down benny is the best
Mimi Daniel
Mimi Daniel Před 15 dny
BRING KIT BACK PETITION sign here 👇 (in the comments )
danielle Před 16 dny
only good part of the show is when kio made his entrance 😍
Heba Hasnain
Heba Hasnain Před 16 dny
I guess Dixie doesn’t exist anymore
k i n z i n a t i o n
I guess holden and rhyme the same people just different genders liking someone new every season
Maia Anglade
Maia Anglade Před 17 dny
Amanda P
Amanda P Před 17 dny
What a Horrible and Homophobic thing to say to your coworker! Conversion Therapy is NOT okay and Rosie should lose he job.
Michelle Cruz
Michelle Cruz Před 17 dny
Where is Dixie :(
Zareen Nazir
Zareen Nazir Před 17 dny
I think they spioled season 2
Dinosaur_cootees Roblox
Wait what happened if there’s cameras in the shed place
brelluh Před 18 dny
The only homosexual was a stereotype, The only black female LOVE INTEREST (for once) just disappeared The only Religious person on here is being made to sound homophobic The acting sucks ...this show is literally falling apart.
Romona's WORLD
Romona's WORLD Před 18 dny
Where the helllllll is Dixie
Jhakri Před 18 dny
Homophobic main character just slapped into a kids show ... cool.
Lola Cay
Lola Cay Před 20 dny
why is no one talking about how rosie told the kid they should go to conversion therapy
october millard
october millard Před 20 dny
I used to like rosie too but...never mind lmao-
Aanya Thapliyal
Aanya Thapliyal Před 20 dny
I LOVE Benny 🥰
sampriti mazumdar
sampriti mazumdar Před 20 dny
so holden forgot kit or what
D4rk Cherries
D4rk Cherries Před 21 dnem
Not the supply closet being a make out sesh place every season🖐🏼🙄
Deborah Amos
Deborah Amos Před 21 dnem
So the cousin was Bi and she's homophobic got it, cool
sofiii Před 21 dnem
Grace Law
Grace Law Před 21 dnem
I don’t like how they represented Christianity I mean I’m a Christian and I’m not homophobic this is why we get hated on. No way I would ever say that. That was just plain rude.
Grace Law
Grace Law Před 18 dny
Yes. I would never think nor say anything regarding conversion therapy or anything like that. As a Christian we are taught to love even if we don’t believe it’s right. It is no ones place to judge anyone.
Jhakri Před 18 dny
It's not about not saying anything, it's about being a decent enough human being to not think about another person like that.
MSxZAINAB Před 22 dny
Gosh holden is betraying kit!!!!!!!!!
Rxley. .Rxblox
Rxley. .Rxblox Před 22 dny
Wait so he is just going to come in all cool then he’s back to normal?!? What is this..
cece Před 22 dny
why do they always kiss in the shed
Love, Jillian
Love, Jillian Před 23 dny
the tinder scene😂😂😂
Uhh hi
Uhh hi Před 23 dny
Wait, why is Holden kissing a girl he just met, plus he just out of a double sidded , very messy relationship
Prince Qasim
Prince Qasim Před 24 dny
This show is DUMB!!!!
Chloe Carlo
Chloe Carlo Před 26 dny
where is georgia/dixie?
Ingabire Hope
Ingabire Hope Před 27 dny
I LOVE how Rosie is a christian, if you agree drop a like
Brittania Brown
Brittania Brown Před 27 dny
The best characters disappeared 🤧💀
Brittania Brown
Brittania Brown Před 27 dny
Season two soooooooooooooooooooooooo Boringggggggggg 🤦🏻‍♀️
Madalynn Vega
Madalynn Vega Před 27 dny
Yk s2 is way worse now- especially since main characters are gone now🙃
Iulia Georgiana Canea
not the closet agian😩
Aicha Msahal
Aicha Msahal Před 27 dny
This serie is so bad I’m just to bored that I’m watching and kio is foineeeee
nicole weweldeniyage
0:26 he's kio cyr?!
Spam Account
Spam Account Před 28 dny
If this show slowly turns into a teen bachelor show, then what was the point of the experience of being a doctor.
Spam Account
Spam Account Před 28 dny
I’m a little irritated of how quick Holden could quickly move on from Kit.
Victoria M
Victoria M Před 29 dny
this is a better show with dixie and kit!
Hadjer Dali
Hadjer Dali Před 29 dny
Where is dixie
Hadara Edery
Hadara Edery Před 29 dny
EVERYONE LEAVES!!!! WHY?!?! I liked Georgia(Dixie) what happened to her???
Hadara Edery
Hadara Edery Před 29 dny
What happened to the guy that was with the girl with brown hair?!?!
Edith Jeronimo
Edith Jeronimo Před měsícem
It feels like they are doing the same as Season 1 but just with different characters.
Avalyn Yeomans
Avalyn Yeomans Před měsícem
Who else thought Holden looked just like kio cyr in season 1 and now he is in season 2! Hahaha 😂
Saher Kataria
Saher Kataria Před měsícem
What are those camera angles though...
Saher Kataria
Saher Kataria Před měsícem
Just why
Fun Times Ahoy
Fun Times Ahoy Před měsícem
He thinks he so cool with the hair
Bonjour Noodles
Bonjour Noodles Před měsícem
Bennys the only good character/
Vinky Fong
Vinky Fong Před měsícem
is it jst me or kio looks like he give the best hugs
Nikkie star
Nikkie star Před měsícem
I feel like everything is going so fast
Emmalyn LeCastre
Emmalyn LeCastre Před měsícem
THE FRONT DESK NURSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO
Starri night
Starri night Před měsícem
wut r these camera angles lol
amanda bundalian
amanda bundalian Před měsícem
not the gauze-
amanda bundalian
amanda bundalian Před měsícem
Why is Holden so flirty
Brianna_Official Před měsícem
I loved the others more but ok
Besan Karsa
Besan Karsa Před měsícem
Go to movies and all I love all your movies like chicken girls and love of others a lot of things I love and your videos I so love your videos every night I watch your videos like every night every night like kind of but I don’t want you to a lot because I have a whole school though📚
Alexandra O'Brien
Alexandra O'Brien Před měsícem
Putri Aleeya
Putri Aleeya Před měsícem
Omggg kio is the main reason t im wathcing this showw😍😍😍
Lol Spare
Lol Spare Před měsícem
That Benny guy is so stereotypical that it’s funny
crazy clemsonfan
crazy clemsonfan Před měsícem
This might literally be the worst show ever
Unicorn Doughnut
Unicorn Doughnut Před měsícem
i dont know what its called but you can literally see that they are holding the mask thing up a foot away from her mouth like baaaad camera position thingies
Crystal De’Nea
Crystal De’Nea Před měsícem
Holden and Sasha literally just met..✋🏽😩
Seble Bandy
Seble Bandy Před měsícem
I love this series!
cowprint faith
cowprint faith Před měsícem
it’s rosie being homophobic for me
julnar esam
julnar esam Před měsícem
But why did jack go
julnar esam
julnar esam Před měsícem
Why did jack go
julnar esam
julnar esam Před měsícem
Ok but kio is good at acting
naneellok Před měsícem
هل انا الوحيده العربيه ؟؟
izzy izzy
izzy izzy Před měsícem
1st off he has a gf and he justed moved on from the other girl 2 wtf just happened why is rosie homophobic. 😐
isabella daniel
isabella daniel Před měsícem
If Benny has a twin brother that was in that hospital last season (6 moths ago) then why did he tell that girl that they have chemistry together and he just transferred and he’s only been in crown lake for a few weeks🤨just curious
makayla jordan
makayla jordan Před měsícem
yall really got a hole new cast and why holden just forget about kit but ima still watch
chelsea walker
chelsea walker Před měsícem
Hend Abu Ajina
Hend Abu Ajina Před měsícem
I feell likw benny is related to james charels
Jonathan Orta
Jonathan Orta Před měsícem
Who's watching this in 2021 and Sasha and Holland have some chemistry together who know what happens in the storage room when the cameras ain't rolling and they in there together. She probably gave Holland top at the red light to be honest.
Megan Carson
Megan Carson Před měsícem
this is definitely better than season 1
slaoq Před měsícem
Kio meu filho, passa uma manteiga de cacau nessa boca, um nivea, um carmex...Faz isso meu amor
Simba Tumba
Simba Tumba Před měsícem
why is he plot relevant Krrish dadrah
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