ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 6: ”Recovery Aide” 

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Holden and Sasha reckon with their feelings.
When a group of very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients.
Brat TV makes original shows with all your favorite creators! Tune in after school for full episodes of “Chicken Girls,” “Attaway General,” “Crown Lake” and more!


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17. 02. 2021





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Amina ElShabrawishy
Amina ElShabrawishy Před 18 hodinami
I ship soldden
Naomi Patel
Naomi Patel Před 4 dny
The way he said eww dude 😭✋🏽
Ashlynn Grace
Ashlynn Grace Před 9 dny
Y’all telling about how embarrassed Benny is but what about Dr. Henery
nikki williams
nikki williams Před 9 dny
I'm I the only one who realizes in the episode that sasha foundation doesn't match he skin tone
Puppy Twins Macias
Puppy Twins Macias Před 9 dny
Sasha and Holden getting on my nerves just CUASE yall aint together doesn’t mean you gotta take it out on everyone and the patients and plus your there to work not date!?!?
lexie _playz
lexie _playz Před 11 dny
can we agree that dixie should come at the hospital with noah and be like "who missed me"and then roll her eyes
Caidyn Postoak
Caidyn Postoak Před 12 dny
Not me waiting till they make another episode... Even Tho it's cringe... Lol ✋😂
Harper Peach
Harper Peach Před 12 dny
Is Georgia coming back
Leyu Berhanu
Leyu Berhanu Před 14 dny
anyone else love Benny's sass? ;)
ana mafnas
ana mafnas Před 14 dny
I swear I love gay people
Nicole Njogu
Nicole Njogu Před 14 dny
for the last time, doesn't Holden have a girlfriend?
Alexadoesstuff- stream TGTATBO
They broke up
Mahaylia Clarke
Mahaylia Clarke Před 14 dny
Me too girl
Fatima Tujzhora
Fatima Tujzhora Před 15 dny
Sasha and Holden does not even match !! Make me wanna vommited
Alexadoesstuff- stream TGTATBO
Yeah me too I like kit better
Ellice Chen
Ellice Chen Před 16 dny
benny and dr Henry’s convo rly did it for me 😂😂
Wonkas Willy
Wonkas Willy Před 17 dny
Wait since dr.Henry is dating bennys mom does that mean Georgia and Benny are gonna be step siblings?......
scarlet wolther
scarlet wolther Před 17 dny
i love this
Treasure Usanga
Treasure Usanga Před 18 dny
Okayyy, Benny is definitely the best thing that happened to this show, fr
toxic_rat5 Před 19 dny
kira ceniceros
kira ceniceros Před 19 dny
ok but that snort after "and doctor henry will be your dad" was the best and only real acting in this entire show
october millard
october millard Před 20 dny
I miss kit :( I hope she comes back to the show-
Alexadoesstuff- stream TGTATBO
Yeah me too
Lyn Před 21 dnem
7:03 did he just break character and madi swooped in and saved the day or was that in the script?
Maggie Rittinger
Maggie Rittinger Před 21 dnem
I wish dixie was still here
Mary Lily Hope
Mary Lily Hope Před 22 dny
I wish griffin and dixie are still in their urghhhh
Rachel Stewart
Rachel Stewart Před 22 dny
dr henry
Shailendra Singh
Shailendra Singh Před 23 dny
Cole vibing
Cole vibing Před 25 dny
5:54 they changed camera quality
vicky r
vicky r Před 26 dny
will and georgia only left because they broke up
vicky r
vicky r Před 26 dny
i want kit will and georgia back😀
Katie K
Katie K Před 27 dny
IM FINE Gurll bye
Jane Black
Jane Black Před 27 dny
Sakshi Dembla
Sakshi Dembla Před 28 dny
emilie jan
emilie jan Před 28 dny
I feel like everyone says this show sucks and that it’s cringe but if y’all are at this point of the TV show that means you kinda like it so stop making fun of it😡💁‍♀️🤷‍♀️So guys like stop 🛑
emilie jan
emilie jan Před 26 dny
@big smoke :)))
big smoke
big smoke Před 26 dny
𝕚𝕜𝕣 (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
Aestheticaa Před 29 dny
5:13 the man in the backround have mask lol
Miranda T
Miranda T Před měsícem
With that pretty handsome face and his acting is quite good u know,i think kio could be an actor,or he can go into acting school or something like that to improve it and maybe stop focusing more on tiktok
Natalia Ibarra
Natalia Ibarra Před měsícem
Why is sashas blush so idkk how to say it
Nicole Rod
Nicole Rod Před měsícem
I don’t like how they change basically all the characters like Dixie and griffin but Mackenzie plays good
Abdul Bhikha
Abdul Bhikha Před měsícem
When dr Henry and benny were talking I was thinking that benny and Dixie would be siblings
Maranda Farmer
Maranda Farmer Před měsícem
love love this show
Bex Před měsícem
Can we talk about Jamie and Roonie tho like u just gonna erase that story line
NOVA Před měsícem
it is weird that holden in using s ps2 or ps3 controller
Avery And Krisiley Stengel
I want dixe back
Maeve Bradley
Maeve Bradley Před měsícem
Royal Ame
Royal Ame Před měsícem
Tbh Madi and *Sasha* are kinda good actors
Nuna Luna
Nuna Luna Před měsícem
If dr Henry dates Benny’s mom Georgia and Benny I’ll be step siblings
amanda bundalian
amanda bundalian Před měsícem
"Why does this keep happening to me" Maybe bcs you kiss a girl then you start dating without even knowing a thing about her..?
Danni Lowe
Danni Lowe Před měsícem
My mom is causing my ucol
mariam mahmoud
mariam mahmoud Před měsícem
I love how they are acting together and loving the relationship between all of the girls and boys
iiSxmply_Megqnii Před měsícem
Honestly Sasha And Holden (sorry if I spelt his name wrong) but anyway they are literally the copy of Dixie And Griffen (again if I spelt name wrong I sorry). 🥵🥵🥵🙄🙄🙄
Ellie Walton
Ellie Walton Před měsícem
Rosie has a nose ring!?¿¡¿¡
Mary Naziri
Mary Naziri Před měsícem
Anyone else jut here for Nina and Jamie
Alexis cruz
Alexis cruz Před měsícem
Question ummmm can dixie come back and replace Griffen with Noah bc ngl I kinda miss dixie being on the show but because of the drama that happened in 2020 and she's busy with things I feel like she's not coming back
iiisimplymiaxxx Před měsícem
I mean there is only a few people who stuck around in this season from the last season
iiisimplymiaxxx Před měsícem
IF THEY GET MARRIED THAN DIXIE (Gorgia) IN THIS SERIES WOULD HAVE A STEP BROTHER. But Dixie (gorgia) doesn't seem to exist in this season :(
big smoke
big smoke Před 26 dny
Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez Před měsícem
But where is Georgia
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Před měsícem
My guy thats a ps3 controller
Lupita Segura
Lupita Segura Před měsícem
I want Dixie damelio on the show again
Gayatri KASICHAINULA Před měsícem
benny & georgia henry...
Yasma Sultani
Yasma Sultani Před měsícem
this show sucks but i’m binge watching it 😀
big smoke
big smoke Před 26 dny
( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Farah mix gaming
Farah mix gaming Před měsícem
benny CARRIED this episode
qurvz Před měsícem
Stop- not me hating on this show then accidentally seeing a clip on TikTok and now being addicted
big smoke
big smoke Před 26 dny
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sierra King
Sierra King Před měsícem
So wait- Holden has a twin ?
big smoke
big smoke Před 26 dny
how ya holden up huh? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Besan Karsa
Besan Karsa Před měsícem
I love your movies I always watch them I finished all the laws watching it right now
Gracie Mireault
Gracie Mireault Před měsícem
Mary Sacha already
Petra Před měsícem
Am I the only one who can’t stand Nina?
reetard Před měsícem
holden and sasha are so F-ing ANNOYING
izzy izzy
izzy izzy Před měsícem
so dicksee damicklio is now mr ginger’s sister 🤨
big smoke
big smoke Před 26 dny
l- why you spell her name like that l- welp have a good day im otta here ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Fatimah Is my name
Fatimah Is my name Před měsícem
I nearly cried at the end Bennie is my favorite
Roblox Qts
Roblox Qts Před měsícem
Did anybody else watch season one and love it then completely forget about it then binge watch season two or is it just me-
Cassidy Mitchell
Cassidy Mitchell Před měsícem
Ok but Holden and Jamie look so alike like how they look they twins... wait are they twins? LOL but ya this is the best show like it’s so cringe but the best
I s a b e l l a R i v e r a
Say aye if you LOVE Benny the slay king
Kiki L
Kiki L Před měsícem
Aye but he's a queen sooo💅👑🌟💅👑🌟
Melanie Sanchez
Melanie Sanchez Před měsícem
My question is why don’t they wear scrubs
Vittoria Vespoli
Vittoria Vespoli Před měsícem
Vittoria Vespoli
Vittoria Vespoli Před měsícem
Ok wtf with Mickey going 👌click clicl whatever
Rayna Roberts
Rayna Roberts Před měsícem
Benny is the best gay nurse ever.
Ren Boo
Ren Boo Před měsícem
What do u thing of this episode ?
The coco Squad
The coco Squad Před měsícem
I don’t really think Nina cared about Holden and Sasha because she asked her if she was okay, so I think Nina knows about them but doesn’t care
USER101 Před měsícem
Benny is the unfortunate result of the lack of a father figure
USER101 Před měsícem
@Kiki L I’m not being funny
Kiki L
Kiki L Před měsícem
Ya take this somewhere else please, ur rly not funny-
Gabriela Claros
Gabriela Claros Před měsícem
if doctor Henry and Bennys mom get married, that means dixie and benny are siblings...BAHAHAHAHAHAH
this is not a food fight hArReH
5:57 im i the only directioner here and when he said “ay don’t knock it til you try it” it reminded me of that one direction with the boys and they were talking about like a boy and Harry said ay don’t know it til you try it....also very much a Larry moment there🏃🏽‍♀️
Marilune Lafleur
Marilune Lafleur Před měsícem
sasha annoys the living hell outta me.
k-pop supporter
k-pop supporter Před měsícem
woah....... his is a bit cringey but who doesnt like this show
Lil Savage’s sisi sara Music
Who finished this TV show in 1 day loll
Qibra Khan
Qibra Khan Před měsícem
Who is still watching this show because of Kio?
Jazmine Demers
Jazmine Demers Před měsícem
k how is the kid holden hangs out with a better actor than almost all of them combined
Mobolaji Opasanya
Mobolaji Opasanya Před měsícem
I love this show. I love how Brat TV includes Crown Lake students.
Margot Redding-Chase
Margot Redding-Chase Před měsícem
Do these guys really think they know how to act? Why don’t y’all just stay on the dancing app
It’sFarrah! Před měsícem
Sasha is wearing a LOT of blush!
Cutie and Cray Cray
Cutie and Cray Cray Před měsícem
I love this show is have watched every episode
Maheen Hosaini
Maheen Hosaini Před měsícem
Leora Skye
Leora Skye Před měsícem
Pfftt poor Benny I would be sick and embarrassed
Tatum Quinn 29
Tatum Quinn 29 Před měsícem
These videos need to be 30 minutes long I have too much time my day
Andrew White
Andrew White Před měsícem
Need better actors
Not short
Not short Před měsícem
Ok here me out, this show is GOOD it’s just the acting 💀
poor ninaaa
Kayleigh Trevathan
Kayleigh Trevathan Před měsícem
Best show ever
Roxane Boels
Roxane Boels Před měsícem
this is so cringe but i legit cant stop coming back
Deborah Liberty
Deborah Liberty Před měsícem
I thought Dixie was Dr Henry's daughter.
Butterfly Bitch
Butterfly Bitch Před měsícem
He is
Mariana Silva
Mariana Silva Před měsícem
i need caption in Portuguese
tiktok_vipes_ Před měsícem
Umm where is dixie and the others on the 1 season?
xSeren x
xSeren x Před měsícem
whos sasha
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