CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Behind The Scenes 

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Check out this exclusive behind the scenes look with the cast of Chicken Girls Season 8, premiering March 23!
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With Rhyme and her friends all grown up, Harmony has found her own squad of Chicken Girls. But with all their new interests, secrets and crushes, can this girl group survive middle school? Created by Janey Feingold.
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9. 03. 2021





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Precious Jewel Sten
5:03 "simone is pretty mean this season" *ahem ahem, she was 𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙔 mean this season. :)
Precious Jewel Sten
being in that show looks like sooo much fun. I actually want to act too, my family tells me i can act but idk ik its hard to be able to get into a show like this one I LOVE THIS SHOW SOO MAACHH
Lanay Gusts in
Lanay Gusts in Před 4 dny
0:46 lol he’s staring into my soul 😂
Keenaja Burgess
Keenaja Burgess Před 7 dny
I love this movie
Vdeshy Před 7 dny
Can we talk about how pretty Hayley is and everyone else like😱🥺😩
Harper Clark
Harper Clark Před 8 dny
No one is talking about limone
Mellow girl Cote
Mellow girl Cote Před 9 dny
Omg ell i am a fan I am like her
Reshma Patel
Reshma Patel Před 9 dny
🌈🌈🌈🌈👑I like your video will show up in a better way
king bhamma
king bhamma Před 9 dny
Lily k is also good
Carina J
Carina J Před 11 dny
When is episode 4 of season 8 gonna come out?
CR1SMA Před 15 dny
I feel bad for txu she's so nice but she's like a devil on set.
Gamer_ Girl
Gamer_ Girl Před 15 dny
New chicken girls. Yas .
Caroline Eiermann
Caroline Eiermann Před 16 dny
I ship McCoy and harmony
NAME:Anonymous NICKNAME:unidentified
Who do i ship PK with?Probably nobody Claire:Do i mean nothing to you?
Blanche LE FAOU
Blanche LE FAOU Před 16 dny
I know familia dimond tunamis
Blanche LE FAOU
Blanche LE FAOU Před 16 dny
Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez Před 19 dny
Omg elliana piper’s squad coco Gavin’s squad
Miss ñøbøđý
Miss ñøbøđý Před 22 dny
6:05 so truee
NityaV53 Před 23 dny
Okay but the ship Hayley was talking abt was Leo and Harmony...tell me I am wrong
echofivesierra Před 23 dny
I wish I was on chicken girls it would be sooooo fun and I'm the same age as most of them 😭😭😭😭
Clare Wade
Clare Wade Před 23 dny
Kp and claire
The melody
The melody Před 24 dny
this thaddaeus is such a good looking person!!!!! why's no one talking abt this !?
Πηνελόπη Κεππα
About the "ship" thing i agree with Layla or Skyler btw
Allan Alinton
Allan Alinton Před 24 dny
Wheres Jules and Hayden???
theylovekshirja Před 25 dny
no one: corrine according to her friends: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣
Tamzin Liam
Tamzin Liam Před 25 dny
Wait it's Thad??? Maybe he can invite Emily to shoot an episode with them
Maryam Araj
Maryam Araj Před 27 dny
If i had to describe claire in one word i would habe to say Talkative .
saku_kkura Před 27 dny
they warned us guys, something is coming in season eight so be ready- HSJSDNDKFNDN
Andrene Nedrick
Andrene Nedrick Před 28 dny
4:57....lolol that's true
Andrene Nedrick
Andrene Nedrick Před 28 dny
0:32....nice voice and he's just 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!@
Peppermint Před 28 dny
All of the people were like born on 2008 when they shoot this film
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Před 29 dny
Hayley is so pretty lol cutie
lunars Teddy
lunars Teddy Před 29 dny
SlashSaanvi Před 29 dny
Everyone looks soo pretty
Harper H
Harper H Před 29 dny
Is it just me or did I sound like Hayley said hello I’m halo Leblanc
Goatarazzi Squad
Goatarazzi Squad Před měsícem
Ewaggoner05 Ewaggoner05
Ewaggoner05 Ewaggoner05 Před měsícem
I’m going to love the new season of chicken girls
Precious Madi
Precious Madi Před měsícem
arriivix Před měsícem
Angel Barahona
Angel Barahona Před měsícem
Did anyone else realize they filmed this video at the coffee shop they always go to to hang out
Anya Misha
Anya Misha Před měsícem
After coco's break up she's doing thiss know
hilda acosta
hilda acosta Před měsícem
I know, I feel bad.
Bernadette Galang
Bernadette Galang Před měsícem
Did anyone notice that leo has the hair that gk had
YoutubeJosh FN
YoutubeJosh FN Před měsícem
Can anyone find this on Netflix?
hilda acosta
hilda acosta Před měsícem
No, only youtube.
J N Před měsícem
I cant wait for season 8!!!!😖😁
J N Před měsícem
@hilda acosta EEEE I hope you do also!!! 😁
hilda acosta
hilda acosta Před měsícem
Same! It’s premiering tomorrow! Hope you enjoy!
Andrew - - -
Andrew - - - Před měsícem
it's too obvious that simone will end up with leyla
Ajifatou Gaye
Ajifatou Gaye Před měsícem
Harmony is soogrown up now OMG🥰
Y Y Před měsícem
I don't like how when anyone talks abt how Hayley is so pretty and mature now they have to mention her sister Jules, like guys she's her own person, she has her unique beauty and personality. Honestly I think Hayley has much different personality from Jules. I just like her more and she is different than her sister.
Bonnie M
Bonnie M Před měsícem
Ooo Simone and Layla 👀
I’m a background character.
how did none of them answer 'being payed to act with my friends' when they were asked what their favorite part of shooting on set was.
I’m a background character.
hayley looks like a teen when her hair is straight
hilda acosta
hilda acosta Před měsícem
Emma Perez
Emma Perez Před měsícem
I hat coco
Jazlyn Muniz
Jazlyn Muniz Před měsícem
Lol I miss piper in this!!! 🥺💕
SavageElephant Před měsícem
no one gone talk bout leo? ok
Olivia Grell
Olivia Grell Před měsícem
Love y’all!!
Shekinah Rose.E
Shekinah Rose.E Před měsícem
Bella Mason
Bella Mason Před měsícem
yall can we talk about how do they get so pretty in a couple months :o They all so so stinkin gorgeousssss lol
Vibha Shashidhara
Vibha Shashidhara Před měsícem
Coco looks so different without eyeliner
Jasmyn Carter
Jasmyn Carter Před měsícem
He is not going home yet so I’m going on my back up to the office and I’ll call
Mary Faye
Mary Faye Před měsícem
been watching Aidan since he danced with Matt Stefanina and Tsunami with their family vlog Familia Diamond
Ariya Imchen
Ariya Imchen Před měsícem
Simone and layla ..❤️❤️
Ariya Imchen
Ariya Imchen Před měsícem
Sjdah Noor
Sjdah Noor Před měsícem
Hayley is good but if she back to her old basties that would be like real frimedship not like fake frineds like piperyyy
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana Před měsícem
What would harmony and Jordan’s ship name would be?
Simply uniq
Simply uniq Před měsícem
Is it just me or did Enzo’s voice change 👀
I Am Legit subbing to everyone who subs to me
fun fact enzo is addison raes bro
Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson Před měsícem
idk if u guys are aware of the whole goatfam and piperazzi thingy but, some of the sqaud members on BOTH sides are in the cast TOGETHER
babyKMB1 Před měsícem
I can't be the only one I heard the new guy say that his name was daddy mc sek
Alicia Jackson
Alicia Jackson Před měsícem
Ayodeji Victoria Ibitoye
Ayodeji Victoria Ibitoye Před měsícem
Am the same age with hayleymleblanc but yet she looks like my elder sister , but still she is still so beautiful 💖👍
It’s Mia Sosa
It’s Mia Sosa Před měsícem
Omg for the ship one for sure walker and ham
_ FATIMAA Před měsícem
Imagine if Skye from Mani comes back
taffy skiesツ
taffy skiesツ Před měsícem
Oml everyone looks the same except harmony-
Jumica Před měsícem
Simone and Leyla omg I'm excited 😩 they'll be cuteee
Jumica Před měsícem
Okay the suspense is killing me. I wanna know who Hayley ships 👀
Sleepyoongs09 Před měsícem
Stop saying Hayley looks like Annie (Jules) now. Hayley is Hayley. Hayley is amazing in her own way.
Bhoomi Khedkar
Bhoomi Khedkar Před měsícem
Hayley with straight hair honestly looks like young Annie's twin❤️❤️
Natali Monterroso
Natali Monterroso Před měsícem
It's crazy how I started with season 1 and now I'm on season 8
Chathuri De Silva
Chathuri De Silva Před měsícem
simar pabla
simar pabla Před měsícem
Hayley is the best famous 12 year old she acts her age and she seems like a nice person and is greatful for what she has 🤩🤩 I can't wait for season 8.
Arzael's World
Arzael's World Před měsícem
I don't know why but my dream to become an actress is becoming overwhelming, if y'all know any like company or managers hit me up.
Crystal Pena
Crystal Pena Před měsícem
Enzo is mood
Romona Budhan
Romona Budhan Před měsícem
When is it coming out
Gracy Před měsícem
April 5
Mat Pat
Mat Pat Před měsícem
So just to be sure am I the only who thinks that TK and rhyme will NOT be together at the end?
Adam O'Clay
Adam O'Clay Před měsícem
Elliana & Coco are so adorable & pretty & talented love them so much 🥰
Da Unicorn Twins
Da Unicorn Twins Před měsícem
“I feel like corrine is always laughing even if the joke wasn’t funny she always laughs” 😂
Janaat Yusuf Sid Ahmed
Janaat Yusuf Sid Ahmed Před měsícem
OMG so I am so so excited to see chicken girls because I watch chicken girls since the season one when the season started I want chicken girls like that then I waited so so so so so so so like long until the season eight starts because I love chicken girls and I love all the girls and the boys all are like in the season
Saheir Thomas
Saheir Thomas Před měsícem
What do you do this to me
Saheir Thomas
Saheir Thomas Před měsícem
So you took years to post
devine Putmon
devine Putmon Před měsícem
Corinnes laugh in the beginning😂
Aads Před měsícem
When will season 8 start !?!?!? We r waiting
kiaraliz lebron
kiaraliz lebron Před měsícem
When is it
Del niya
Del niya Před měsícem
Is it just me who missess the friendship or hayley and txu??? I miss them soooooo much 😭😭
Aznath Dongo
Aznath Dongo Před měsícem
When are y'all going to post
Suresh Perera
Suresh Perera Před měsícem
yes i am watching this second time i cant wait
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Johnson Před měsícem
Can't wait for season 8
lila parlaman
lila parlaman Před měsícem
People keep saying, “Oh Hayley looks so old now!” yeah that’s called puberty-
Melissa Gerbrandt
Melissa Gerbrandt Před měsícem
When do start
Lexi Gonzales
Lexi Gonzales Před měsícem
can you guys please just put season 8 episode 1 out I'm dying to watch
Katarina Da Silva
Katarina Da Silva Před měsícem
👀 ooooo I am excited
Julia Lizak
Julia Lizak Před měsícem
I hope Rhyme and TK are in this season
Julia Lizak
Julia Lizak Před měsícem
Man Hayley had grown I swear just yesterday she threw a fit over falling in a puddle