CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Ep. 3: “Leo's Return” 

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While Leo McCoy’s return to Attaway stirs up plenty of drama; Claire and PK disagree about campaign strategy and Harmony searches for a new extra-curricular.
With Rhyme and her friends all grown up, Harmony has found her own squad of Chicken Girls. But with all their new interests, secrets and crushes, can this girl group survive middle school? Created by Janey Feingold.
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6. 04. 2021





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DuhEllie Před 6 hodinami
look at jordan's face. 9:10
Janette’s World
Janette’s World Před 7 hodinami
0:53 why was that funny lmao
Suncerrae Avilla
Suncerrae Avilla Před 10 hodinami
u should take them off the cheer team
Maria Luisa Silva M
Maria Luisa Silva M Před 10 hodinami
Coco reacording Claire me: you you
Cara Lamarre - Franklin
Cara Lamarre - Franklin Před 10 hodinami
If eggy makes another comment I'm gonna make him into scrambled eggs 😑
Triana Před 12 hodinami
did anyone else noticed when jordan looked at harmony and smiled (he kinda blushed it was cute) and then he turned around.
Its__ Meh!
Its__ Meh! Před 14 hodinami
I miss tk and rhyme idk how spell rhymes name
Jennifer Bosco
Jennifer Bosco Před 18 hodinami
did u see how harmonys boyfriend smiled when he was supposed to be angry.
Aesthetically Charli
Aesthetically Charli Před 18 hodinami
I heard if you say a CSshowsrs name 3 times you get a like let’s try it Brat tv Brat tv Brat tv Did it work
Kataliya .A
Kataliya .A Před dnem
HARRY POTTER TALK?! I love this episode 😉
Songbird 214
Songbird 214 Před dnem
It's three now?! Holy crap, y'all, cool it with the love parallelograms!
Nana Love
Nana Love Před dnem
At 9:13 when Jordan started to smirk bc he couldn’t help it ahaha oh gosh this show isn’t that bad I have been hear since season 1 episode 1
itxs_lexxis loo
itxs_lexxis loo Před dnem
anybody realize the boy handing out pins is enzo, ADDISON RAES YOUNGER BROTHER
Diçe Před 15 hodinami
@itxs_lexxis loo I understand
itxs_lexxis loo
itxs_lexxis loo Před 15 hodinami
well you see, i stopped watching chicken girls after the og cast left or started to kinda fall out of the main cast, becuase it just wasnt as interesting for me anymore so i recently returned to it in season 8.
Diçe Před 16 hodinami
We realized that in season 7
Ravi Moka
Ravi Moka Před dnem
Katie Peck
Katie Peck Před dnem
Emily Megan
Emily Megan Před dnem
Am I going mad or did they use sims music?
stray kids
stray kids Před dnem
Saibh Martin
Saibh Martin Před dnem
the sims music in the back tf
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Před dnem
yesss harmony does sound like hermione btw I love Harry Potter 😫✋🏼
Rebecca Robles
Rebecca Robles Před 2 dny
I’m sorry but Leo’s outfits look tight on him😶and no one really wears those clothes
Sadie Emalyn
Sadie Emalyn Před 2 dny
Aiden is so mean I mean Eggie haha
Bing Bingo
Bing Bingo Před 2 dny
Starting at 3:35 is that sims theme song?!?!
Olivia irene
Olivia irene Před 2 dny
“Harmony has guys falling all over her”
YaGirlGrace Před 2 dny
At 5:25 what was that pronunciation as a french speaker that triggered me😦
Alison Unsworth
Alison Unsworth Před 2 dny
Robert Zimecki
Robert Zimecki Před 2 dny
i love how kind walker and layla are
yoyoyo Před 2 dny
is it just me who’s extremely bothered by her horrific pronunciation at 5.27 ... like seriously did the directors not say anything?!?
routes and roots
routes and roots Před 3 dny
Anybody got a recap on who rhyme is dating?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Před 3 dny
Eggy:*is the coolest guy at school* Me: how can you be cool when your name is eggy?
bella taylor
bella taylor Před 3 dny
leo sus 💅🏼
Arianna Swanson
Arianna Swanson Před 3 dny
i can’t believe i’ve watched this for like 2-3 years now
Sandy Ortiz
Sandy Ortiz Před 3 dny
Geez eggie is hell of rude.
Manisha Occean
Manisha Occean Před 3 dny
"Vote Eggie Don't vote Claire don't do that" 🤣🤣🤣
Princess Sisters
Princess Sisters Před 3 dny
You guys are so big now but we’re piper
Nigel Barumbo
Nigel Barumbo Před 4 dny
who has been here since TK took a picture with Ryme
genesis alfred
genesis alfred Před 4 dny
Txunamy is in this show
Deaven Smith
Deaven Smith Před 4 dny
I feel like the show was better with rhyme more interesting
fatima Před 4 dny
the fact its a love square and not triangle 🤔
Tianna Lawrence
Tianna Lawrence Před 4 dny
nicky vlastarakou
nicky vlastarakou Před 4 dny
Claire trying to speak french tho😭✋
Yara Alawi
Yara Alawi Před 4 dny
"u dont need a fairy god mother" what about cinderella dude 😂
gigi t
gigi t Před 5 dny
Evelyn Poop
Evelyn Poop Před 5 dny
Avery Curran
Avery Curran Před 5 dny
I wish I had a bunch of guys wanting to be with me lol 😆
Megan Velasco
Megan Velasco Před 5 dny
ahhhh i love their outfits
Victoria Omosebi
Victoria Omosebi Před 6 dny
9:13 Jordan laughed
Cheyenne Cupit
Cheyenne Cupit Před 6 dny
I couldn’t focus with the sims music going on in the background LOL
Brooklyn Mcwhirter
Brooklyn Mcwhirter Před 6 dny
I went through a fade just like harmony three boys wanted me and then slowly they all hated me after I went out with them and then broke up
I'mma root for Harmony and Leo, until alllll the way!!! 🥰🥰😍🤩 "Don't vote for Claire, don't do that!" 🤣😭 *can't breathe while laughinggg*
Grace Belhummer
Grace Belhummer Před 6 dny
Man, I wish I had three guys falling for me😫
Harrison Muiru
Harrison Muiru Před 6 dny
McAdams 3 boys u are on fire
Sofia Castro
Sofia Castro Před 6 dny
is it just me or does the music sound like the music from the sims??
Jacqueline ArcosBTS
Brat hello
Sarah Landreth
Sarah Landreth Před 6 dny
Every scene the Eggy is in I find myself wondering, WHY ON EARTH IS HE THE MOST POPULAR GUY IN THE SCHOOL!! In the wise words of Mr. Giamarra, "Is there an issue Edward?"
Ripper Mizo
Ripper Mizo Před 6 dny
Harmony is so luck
Arnie Donut
Arnie Donut Před 7 dny
i love that even the teacher hates eggy (pretty sure i spelt his name wrong)
Sarah and zara’s world
Why in this episode Corrine Coco tuxamy is sooooooooooooooo mean to Bella
Celeste Pearson
Celeste Pearson Před 7 dny
Eggy thinks he so good😩 he is a looser though lol
Harmony Giles
Harmony Giles Před 7 dny
Yo he said don't do dat..
Julie Smith
Julie Smith Před 7 dny
Can we appreciate Mateo trying not to laugh at 9:13
Aaron Rushin
Aaron Rushin Před 7 dny
hi good job
Mere Williams
Mere Williams Před 7 dny
It’s the square for me
Emilyy Birch
Emilyy Birch Před 7 dny
This acting is so good 😀❤️
abigail brome
abigail brome Před 7 dny
the patience this English teacher has
Rabeca Kilkenny
Rabeca Kilkenny Před 7 dny
I feel the same way
Horcruxes Před 7 dny
Omg when he called him Edward I could not help but think of Edward Cullen even though the mans give me Jacob vibes
Lily Wilson
Lily Wilson Před 7 dny
Anyone else realize the sims music or just me?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Před 7 dny
Harmony : “What do I do wait for my passion to fall out of the sky?” 2 seconds later : posters drop 😂😂
Ruby Wootton
Ruby Wootton Před 8 dny
Jayashrinidhi Vijayaraghavan
i spy a triangle. literally. look at the seating position. Siriusly! harmony leo and walker, not to mention he's lysander. I am pretty sure who's metaphorically who. belle for Hippolyta. and there we go.
Cerkla Kitty
Cerkla Kitty Před 8 dny
Almost 5 millions brat tv
Leah Brad
Leah Brad Před 8 dny
Anyone notice the music from the sims FreePlay 😂 at 3:40
Sunset_Mochi :3
Sunset_Mochi :3 Před 8 dny
So awkward each episode Walker is playing the role like he loves harmony.. I wonder why he likes her.. Maybe shes different and pretty nice and can stand up to others.
Jayda Estes
Jayda Estes Před 8 dny
I have to read this book but aren't these kids in 6th grade but I'm in 8th
TheFreaksCosplay Před 8 dny
Leo know he cute lol
Naomi-Ruth Wood
Naomi-Ruth Wood Před 8 dny
When they are reading all I can hear is sims music lol
tbh cammy
tbh cammy Před 8 dny
3:21 anyone notice the tag or the voice thingy behind txu's back?
Kate Finlay
Kate Finlay Před 8 dny
eigge you are bully to PK
Mamadou Sow
Mamadou Sow Před 8 dny
Wait a dang min Leo and harmony dated if you put it all together they had to date
Kate Finlay
Kate Finlay Před 8 dny
eigge not please mean to claire eigge you daed no eigge not vote you
Gabbie F.
Gabbie F. Před 8 dny
its the sims music in the background for meeee😭😭
Diya Nair
Diya Nair Před 8 dny
*snorts* It's always a good one🤚💀
Andrea Godzilla
Andrea Godzilla Před 8 dny
JOSHLYN COX Před 8 dny
walkers pretty cuteee
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Před 8 dny
Harmony :is confused on what to do about the three boys after her. Me :wish I had ONE chasing after me 😢
Jemima L S
Jemima L S Před 9 dny
thank god leo’s back :D
Lily Ella
Lily Ella Před 9 dny
Everyone’s talking about the boys who like Harmony but I’m not over the Sims music XDDD
Inaya Khatun
Inaya Khatun Před 9 dny
Am I the only one who is waiting for the next episode of attaway general
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Před 8 dny
if i were p.k. i would simply just 🤜🧑
Re C
Re C Před 9 dny
Why do you put sims 3 songs I can’t concentrate
Poopy_ Gretch
Poopy_ Gretch Před 9 dny
Seriously the Mcadams sister has a thing for boys who has curly hairs😑😆
Shw. Kayle
Shw. Kayle Před 9 dny
Leo vs jordan but jordans not worried
Jaydean Richards
Jaydean Richards Před 9 dny
Pure evil coco
Billie eillish Fan
Billie eillish Fan Před 9 dny
I love this show so much but the Corinne is so rude I wish u could change her rp
Gaming wiv Samz
Gaming wiv Samz Před 9 dny
omg hiiii im ur biggest fan
Kristlyn McFarlane
Kristlyn McFarlane Před 9 dny
Love this show so much 😝😝😍🎊🎉🎉😱
Ellie Glasscock
Ellie Glasscock Před 9 dny
poor what’s-his-name that likes harmony and used to like leyla. he gets rejected by literally everyone lol
giselle munguia
giselle munguia Před 9 dny
Put a finger down if you watched this show since the beginning I have watched the whole show and more my fav is stage fright
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Před 9 dny
Remember when rhyme was crying in the hallway and the drama club came and gave her a flyer and then she was the star and now harmony is doing the Same thing ish 🙃
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Před 9 dny
People: Watch Netflix Me: Forgets there's a Netflix and just watches Brat Tv
Naja xx
Naja xx Před 9 dny
what is this.
Kandice Howard
Kandice Howard Před 9 dny
A show
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