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Check out the new "Fly So High" Music Video featuring the cast of Chicken Girls!
With Rhyme and her friends all grown up, Harmony has found her own squad of Chicken Girls. But with all the backstabbing, secret keeping, and boy drama, can this new girl group survive middle school?
Watch Season 7 here:
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8. 01. 2021





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Aishath Saba Abdul Samad
Aishath Saba Abdul Samad Před 2 hodinami
My new favourite songs are Fly so high and Ghost (lev cameron) butterflies (piper rockelle) 😁✨
briannarubycute Před 9 hodinami
Me only seeing comments talking about the og cast instead of the song LIKE BRAT PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD CAST
Richard Pugh
Richard Pugh Před 17 hodinami
I love the song and I love that movie chicken girls Vs super things and dance battle thingy
Riana Kesh
Riana Kesh Před 19 hodinami
Plsss they really did coco and txunamy like that it’s like they don’t even exist in the show
Miracle Stokes
Miracle Stokes Před 21 hodinou
Y’all have
Tyler Bonkoski
Tyler Bonkoski Před 21 hodinou
me going to click on the song cuz i loved it i start singing me: wait this isn't the right song, what is this
Zoey Fultz
Zoey Fultz Před 22 hodinami
Young Ninja
Young Ninja Před 23 hodinami
I really like it😍😘🥰
Teddy Tan
Teddy Tan Před dnem
Omg Elliana!
Ayan Haroon
Ayan Haroon Před dnem
you and piper where you best friends? (Piper rockelle)
The Real Roblox Rave
Oh my God Haley AKA harmony has grown up so much
Dexie Před 2 dny
hayley's voice aidan's rapping and dancing sky's rapping all i need are these.
Are some of y'all not cought up? Annie changed her name to Jules so don't "correct" anyone typing that her name is Annie it's Jules now
Athalia maranatha lasmaria singa
I like the sound
Genesis Alarcon Bartolo
I love Hayley Leblanc so much because she is so beautiful and I love her voice so much
panda Games
panda Games Před 2 dny
No they hanged it
Danya Diaz
Danya Diaz Před 2 dny
Danni Lowe
Danni Lowe Před 3 dny
Gaming Sisters
Gaming Sisters Před 4 dny
And Elian’s!
Gaming Sisters
Gaming Sisters Před 4 dny
Is that addison little brother
Tonatiuh Garcia
Tonatiuh Garcia Před 5 dny
Hello Hayley Leblanc I love you ❤️
Amna Fuad
Amna Fuad Před 5 dny
Annie or Hayley?
I kinda prefer the old cast but I like this one this one too
Piper. Heaven
Piper. Heaven Před 5 dny
Omg this is my fav song
Isabela Camacho
Isabela Camacho Před 6 dny
This girl is kinda sucks
Telecia McPherson
Telecia McPherson Před 6 dny
The rap part is lit!
Telecia McPherson
Telecia McPherson Před 6 dny
This song is really good but we all know that this is not the original song
Piper. Heaven
Piper. Heaven Před 6 dny
Love this song !
Aathmajaa BR
Aathmajaa BR Před 6 dny
love the song
Matthew Xie
Matthew Xie Před 6 dny
So they are enemies on set and they are friend off set? Lol
Scarlett levie sorbito labajo
Goshh I really love the song it's been 1 week and I keep listening to this THIS IS VERY COOL SONG I love chicken girls💖💖💖💖
Scarlett levie sorbito labajo
Enaayah Qureshi
Enaayah Qureshi Před 7 dny
Our little Hayley has grew
Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose Před 7 dny
I miss the OG Chicken Girls...
Kuy Lying
Kuy Lying Před 7 dny
Ik people are saying how they miss the old cast but I’m not here to say that I’m here hype up the new cast cuz they slay 😗👌🏻
Benedita Ferreira Carneiro
I understand you miss the old music I also,but like this song is really catchy not gonna lie...
Alleyah Mahmud
Alleyah Mahmud Před 7 dny
For a sec I thought how is Elliana so good at dancing then I remembered Dance Moms
Gaming with Angelina
I love your songs Hayley your such a good singer and you are so beautiful! You are my favorite youtuber!
journree's roblox channel
Yessss i love them but i for want the old ones back to
leeroy da silva
leeroy da silva Před 8 dny
But music video is lit
leeroy da silva
leeroy da silva Před 8 dny
You can't sing the song is weird
Enaayah Qureshi
Enaayah Qureshi Před 8 dny
it will never be the same I miss the original chicken girls but here we are
Maria Ann
Maria Ann Před 8 dny
Aiden looks like zhc
Sofia Agrusa
Sofia Agrusa Před 8 dny
omg it is official the og crew is gone and the new chicken girls are here! : (
Fiona Chan
Fiona Chan Před 8 dny
I wish elliana sang in this song
dreamy faiiry #stopanimaltesting
Can we appreciate simones singing voice?? 😍👏
Lily Ella
Lily Ella Před 9 dny
Oooo I like the rap!
Gabriella Barry - STE Student
My favorite part is "H-How you doin are u new can I show u around yaaa lemme interduse u to the girl gang"
sheavon robinson
sheavon robinson Před 9 dny
skylar!!!!!! yes girl
Brianna Tansey
Brianna Tansey Před 9 dny
Who thinks Bel should’ve sang Corrine’s part? Since shes a chicken girl and Simone is the mean girl and all. I wish Ellie got a singing part too even though her dancing killed. The 4 chicken girls
Holly Harmes
Holly Harmes Před 9 dny
Yass Hayley I miss the OG girls the to the sweeties thing
Lesa Grace
Lesa Grace Před 9 dny
“We fly so high we fly together, we are a girl gang, like birds of a feather.” I’m gonna miss the old cast but still excited for the new cast
Asante Rogol
Asante Rogol Před 10 dny
Was it just me or did i click on here because it said fly so high .But I thought it was the other version like this we fly we fly together
Amiyah Andrew
Amiyah Andrew Před 10 dny
Who else loves this song . They all sing so good. That's why I always wanted to be single and now I am.
girlrhianna Před 10 dny
Okay who else thinks when it was starting it sounded like the tune from teen Beach movie
Brianna Tansey
Brianna Tansey Před 11 dny
Everyone’s here talking about Hayley and I’m here surprised that Layla is rapping
Jesus believer
Jesus believer Před 11 dny
What the heck, who’s these people.
kristii And ruby
kristii And ruby Před 11 dny
Now listen now listen to me my girls are my fam my family stronger in numbers it’s no wonder watch out world you see there’s no stopping us and our gang we’ll come back for ya like a boomerang we fly so high we fly together we are a girl gang like birds of a feather
Fiameta Tesfaye
Fiameta Tesfaye Před 11 dny
This music is amazing
Carina J
Carina J Před 11 dny
Yarel Ceron-Cruz
Yarel Ceron-Cruz Před 11 dny
Elliana and Corinne, I’m such big fans of you and piper’s squad in general even if Corinne isn’t in her squad I’m still a big fan and I thought Hayley and Piper were bff’s but since Piper quit Mani, they don’t hang out! 😭
Anoosha Jamil
Anoosha Jamil Před 12 dny
So everyone's gonna keep complaining? Layla killed her rap.
Ramakrishnan O P
Ramakrishnan O P Před 12 dny
An all new gang I hope the girl a wonderful adventure like rhyme ,elle,Quinn and kayla
Moms favorite
Moms favorite Před 12 dny
They are so beautiful and Hayley is just like Jules and Hayley should really start making her own songs❤️❤️
Ayesha Haniya
Ayesha Haniya Před 5 dny
She has made songs!
Jasmine Dunkley
Jasmine Dunkley Před 12 dny
Is it just me that feels like they should of done this with the original chicken girls.... like I'm still heart broken that the OG cast isn't in it as much anymore :(
Maddison Tucker
Maddison Tucker Před 13 dny
meh its alright just dont like the verce
Evie Miles-Baxter
Evie Miles-Baxter Před 13 dny
Not a great voice
Wilmo Mendova
Wilmo Mendova Před 13 dny
Hayley sounds and looks like Jules / Annie
Abdur Rahman Siddiqui
where's Jordan ??
Pearl Adams
Pearl Adams Před 13 dny
Don't blink and you see him
Pearl Adams
Pearl Adams Před 13 dny
Kayymillions Před 13 dny
Hayley sounds exactly like Annie
Oneilia Minott
Oneilia Minott Před 14 dny
Lila Monet
Lila Monet Před 14 dny
Lila Monet
Lila Monet Před 14 dny
so now who's gonna volunteer to make a "birds of a feather X fly so high" remix??
Zaynah Hayat
Zaynah Hayat Před 15 dny
Who else is obsessed with hayley's voice
Ariana Mcshane
Ariana Mcshane Před 15 dny
I like the old one better tbh
janie Lalrinawmi
janie Lalrinawmi Před 15 dny
Good i like this song
dayangcleoezra bahjin
Here b4 1M views😏
Bertha de Leon
Bertha de Leon Před 15 dny
aww hayley aged SOO Much
Salvador Camargo
Salvador Camargo Před 15 dny
Oh there's eliana! From pipers squad!
melanie pook
melanie pook Před 16 dny
Hayley is a good singer and a voice I miss the old cast rhyme, Rooney, Birdie, Ellie, Quinn, Tk Kayla, and some other people
Aidan's voice is so nice...
Leanne Lane
Leanne Lane Před 16 dny
Hayley has changed since mani and I am saying this now
Leanne Lane
Leanne Lane Před 5 dny
@Ayesha Haniya ye lol
Ayesha Haniya
Ayesha Haniya Před 5 dny
Because she's older now! Nobody would stay a baby their whole life! :)
Anniyah NADEEM
Anniyah NADEEM Před 16 dny
Where are coco and txu 🥺
dave andilab
dave andilab Před 16 dny
Who else is an og chicken girls fan Btw great song love it😊😊😊❤❤❤
Mary Kirstein
Mary Kirstein Před 17 dny
Hayley's face is like mature but she's 12years old I'm gana be 12 and my face don't look mature her face change alot
dayangcleoezra bahjin
Ikr, shes completely mature :0
Jordin Miner
Jordin Miner Před 17 dny
They’re adding TikTok dances to it yes girl
Jayda Wilson-Oden
Jayda Wilson-Oden Před 17 dny
Peolpe have got to stop comparing Annie[ Jules] to Hailey. she is so much better then Annie at this age.
Bonnie Jackson
Bonnie Jackson Před 17 dny
Since when did choreography become tiktok. The mediocrity is painful at the beginning, but others are holding this video together.
NAzayia Robinson
NAzayia Robinson Před 18 dny
The second chicken girls
Crafty's DIE's
Crafty's DIE's Před 19 dny
Birds of a feathers . Is the best . This song is nice too . But miss the birds of the feathers
Sophia Chupoco
Sophia Chupoco Před 19 dny
Its so cool how Harmony (Hayley) was watching Rhyme while she was going through her times. And now shes walking in the footsteps of her sister .
Jeanine Pickering
Jeanine Pickering Před 19 dny
The background sounds like summer days from Greece
Rayden .H
Rayden .H Před 19 dny
"always a vibe y'know ?" 😂💜
Tessaplxys Před 20 dny
There so good at singing especially at there age!
Mary Squid
Mary Squid Před 20 dny
Okay Why can't I find txu and coco In the vid
Mary Squid
Mary Squid Před 20 dny
Neither matteo
Mary Squid
Mary Squid Před 20 dny
Hayley is following Jules This makes my heart 💖💖💖
Mystery Gurl2009
Mystery Gurl2009 Před 21 dnem
OMGGGGG who was hear since Haley was little.
RUTH BERRYL Před 21 dnem
Alyssa 999 Wrld
Alyssa 999 Wrld Před 21 dnem
Semysteriaso H
Semysteriaso H Před 21 dnem
I love the upgrade
Rachel Perez
Rachel Perez Před 21 dnem
I like the old song better than this 😪
Lunario 8
Lunario 8 Před 21 dnem
Well at least it's not the new theme
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"Холостяк": 6 выпуск